People's History, Founding Myths, and the American Revolution
Ray Raphael - People's Historian


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Out of Many: A History of the American People
John Mack Faragher et al.
Prentice-Hall, 2003
High school advanced placement

Myths Perpetuated:

150: Samuel Adams gave the “signal” for the Boston Tea Party.” See Founding Myths, chapter 3.

154: Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech. See Founding Myths, chapter 8.

167: “Molly Pitcher” was a real person. See Founding Myths, chapter 2.

Critical items neglected, which change our understanding of the Revolution:

The first seizure of political and military authority from the British — Massachusetts, 1774. See Founding Myths, chapter 4.

Over ninety state and local declarations of independence, which set the stage for the congressional declaration. See Founding Myths, chapter 6.

The winter the Continental Army spent at Morristown — far colder than that spent at Valley Forge, and the harshest in 400 years. See Founding Myths, chapter 5.

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